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Thank you for visiting Nerdy Girl Tax Preparation.

We are a tax preparation company serving individuals, small businesses, and non profits.

We are licensed to serve local clients with federal and state filings, and can also assist with out-of-state filing needs.

Filing with us, you can feel confident that no tax deduction or tax credit is overlooked.  We will ensure you get the best possible legal tax refund.

We are open for operation by appointment only, call us Monday – Saturday, 8am – 8pm.  You may also email us after hours!

Please call us for a free initial consultation, 443.883.9680!

  • Accurate Tax Filings
  • Maximum Deductions
  • Same Day E-Filing
  • Fast Refunds


PO Box 354 Odenton, MD 21113

Phone: 443.883.9680


 Current Tax Clients

  • Schedule payment of tax preparation fee
  • Where is my tax refund?
  • Refer-A-Friend Program
    • $20 for you for all new paid tax clients, $20 off their current tax preparation fees
      • Complete form to ensure you are properly credited for your referral
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